Destroyer vs Cruiser

If that is what you have been considering, than you are at the right place.
We have put together this guide to help you make the right choice for your collection. 

The main difference between them is the midsection.

Destroyer has a fixed frame across the middle, which makes it more sturdy structurally. The doors are smaller with hinge support in the middle. The only down side is that the fixed frame means the middle shelf is non-adjustable. You can still however adjust the shelves freely within the top and bottom half.  

Cruiser does not have a fixed frame shelving in the middle. This means you can freely configure the shelves without any restriction. The doors are 2 large full height doors, less the hinge support in the middle. There will be some wobbly movement in the middle, however rest assured it is safe.  

Your collection matters.

Both cabinet comes with 5 glass shelving. When divided equally, each of the 6 levels is 31cm (close estimate). This is great for 1:12, 1:10, 1:8 scale figures such as Good Smile Company, Hasbro Black Series, Mezco Toys and Bandai Banpresto.

Cruiser will be a great choice if your collection are of larger scale. For 1:6 scale figures such as Hot Toys, this is definitely recommended. Some characters can be quite tall. Cruiser gives you full flexibility to adjust all shelf to any height so you can maximize the display space.  

With a Destroyer, if you remove 2 shelves and spread the height between the remaining 4 levels, each can be 47cm tall.

If you remove 1 shelf from the Cruiser and spread the remaining equally, you can have 5 levels of 37cm height each. 

Choose your side!

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