finally, the right cabinet for collectors

It all started when we can’t seem to find a suitable cabinet to display our toy collection. They were either not the right size or does not look great.

And so we started on a journey to provide cabinets with a size that caters to the different needs of toy collectors, a design that fits well with any toy collection, and a price affordable and fair for everyone. Our launch in 2016 was a hit, and we have since been serving the large community of collectors in Singapore. Collecting and displaying has never been easier!

In 2021, our in-house team have designed, developed and launched a new series of smart display cabinet products, The Terravault, which is available globally. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!
We are proud of what we do and thank you everyone for the continuous support! 
Yours sincerely, Fellow Toy Collector 🙂
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Thank you Class 95 Muttons for the public awareness interview!
– Oct 2021

*NOTE: Our showroom is no longer at ALICE@Mediacircle, we have moved to Funan since March 2022.