Frequently asked questions

We have a showroom at Funan, 107 North Bridge Rd, #04-14Singapore 179105 (The Collector Base).
About 5 mins walk from Cityhall MRT station. Opening hours are 11am to 9pm from Monday to Sunday.
You can book an appointment HERE.

Cruiser does not have a fixed frame shelving in the middle. This means you can configure the shelves without any restriction. This is good if your collection are of larger scale. Do take note that the full height glass door is not as solid as Destroyer’s due to its sheer size. More details in our blog post HERE 

The design of the corner unit is 5 sided, which means more materials are required. It also requires pentagon shaped precision glass cutting to produce the shelving.  

We recommend not more than 20-25 KG load on each glass shelf. For heavier items you can place them at the bottom most level which sits on the Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). It can take up to 60 KG.

No, there will be a small spacing between glass and frame to allow the doors to open and close. With this small spacing, the dust is very minimum. We do offer an option of GAP FILLER which will help to reduce the spacing even more but in turn, the doors will become tighter. 

Our materials are all sourced from China in bulk in order to keep our prices affordable. Assembly is done in Singapore by our delicate team.

No. The cabinet is designed to have swing doors for easy access, a more pleasant look, and longer lasting. 

Yes, we can custom the dimensions of the display cabinets to a certain limit. Do note that this will cost more and take longer. You can send us your request and requirement through the contact form HERE.

No. We only have black and white.

No. There is no mechanism to attach the acrylic panel, it will be too big and heavy. Acrylic over time will warp and it is more prone to scratches than tempered glass.

Yes, provided that the cabinets are lined up side by side.

Estimate 6 to 12 weeks to deliver as each display cabinet is made to order due to the amount of customization. It may take shorter or even longer depending on the seasons of the year. We currently will not have any ready stock. Please be rest assure that we will always try our best to deliver at the soonest possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, the display cabinet comes completely assembled (If there is no lift to access your level, refer to next question). The glass shelving are packed separately and our team will install them onsite at the default height. You can view a video guide HERE.

All our cabinets comes fully assembled with delivery included. Our team will not be able to deliver a fully assembled unit up more than 5 steps of stairs due to the product’s size and weight. This is to prevent any damage to properties and injuries to any person. We seek your understanding and in such cases, there will be a charge of $150 for the first cabinet and subsequent at $50 per cabinet.